Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey & Sussex

Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey & Sussex

We are Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS), and we fight every day to save lives. We are a team of dedicated, skilled, sector-leading experts with an incredible level of expertise. We are passionate about what we do which drives us to fulfil our purpose of saving lives and ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Our charity headquarters and forward operating base are located at Rochester Airport, with our aircraft hangered and maintained at Redhill Aerodrome. When the call comes, we can reach any part of Kent, Surrey or Sussex in under 30 minutes. For 18 hours of the day, we operate with two crews. For the remaining six, when it is quieter but there are still people out there who need our critical care, we operate with one crew.

Our highly skilled teams of Specialist Doctors and Critical Care Paramedics effectively bring the emergency room to the scene to deliver life-saving care. Last year alone we attended over 2,500 incidents.  We can perform open heart surgery, deliver anaesthetic and insert tubes to enable patients to breathe, and administer life-saving blood transfusions – wherever there is a patient in need.

But as we are an independent charity, we couldn’t save lives without the help of our supporters. It costs over £15M a year to sustain our world-leading, cutting edge, innovative service and amazingly 88% is donated and raised by the people of Kent, Surrey and Sussex.
To us, care is critical. Support our fight to save lives.

Registered Charity No. 1021367