Donating to Llamau via Payroll Giving is a simple and easy way to support young people and women in Wales directly from your pay before tax is applied, so your pledge will actually cost less to you!

At Llamau we believe that no young person or woman should ever have to experience homelessness, our mission is to eradicate it for good. But for thousands of people in Wales, homelessness is still a frightening reality. 

This is how we work with people at Llamau thanks to our supporters: 
Preventing Homelessness - We work to prevent homelessness before it happens; not waiting until people reach crisis point before providing them with the help and support that they need. 
Safe, Homely Accommodation – We provide safe, homely accommodation and refuge where young people, women and children can feel at home and begin to rebuild their lives. 
Support to Move On - We provide support to help people move on from trauma and build independent, purposeful lives, helping people to develop life skills, confidence and self-esteem. 

Thank you for pledging to end homelessness in Wales for good.

Registered Charity No. 701772