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The RSPB is a charity for the conservation of birds and nature. We work in the UK and around the world to save, protect and restore the natural world. With your support, we can deliver vital conservation work to protect our birds and other wildlife, protect and restore habitats, and save threatened species from extinction.  
Wildlife needs you 
Our wildlife is amazing – but it’s in crisis. In the last 50 years over 38 million birds have vanished from our skies and the UK is now one of the world’s most nature-depleted countries. But we know that we can turn this around, if we all act now. Thanks to people like you, we have helped bring species back from the brink, including birds such as Avocets, Bitterns, Red Kites and White-tailed Eagles.  
Here are some of the ways we’re helping birds and wildlife 
Saving threatened species 
The UK coastline supports internationally important populations of seabirds. But many are struggling. Back in 2000, Puffins were close to being wiped out on Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel due to predation by non-native rats. To tackle this, we joined forces with Natural England, the Landmark Trust and the National Trust, and in 2006 Lundy was declared rat-free. In 2023, we celebrated a nine-decade high for seabirds breeding on the island, with Puffins having increased from just 13 in 2000 to 1,335.  
Restoring habitats 
We are determined to protect and restore wild spaces, to give birds and other wildlife the habitat they need to survive and thrive. Bitterns are a wetland bird that in 1997 were down to just 11 booming males in the UK. But through dedicated RSPB work and conservation measures, they’ve been brought back from the brink. Thanks to improvements to their reedbed habitat, numbers have boomed and, in 2023, a survey recorded 234 male Bitterns across the UK.  
Speaking up for nature 
Turtle Doves are globally threatened birds, whose numbers in the UK have plummeted by 99% since the 1960s. These migratory birds have been hit hard by changes in UK farming practices, as well as unsustainable hunting in southwest Europe. Through Operation Turtle Dove, we’re working with farmers, landowners and volunteers to improve breeding habitat and food availability in the UK. And, thanks to continued efforts, a ban on hunting in France, Spain and Portugal was extended for a third year in 2023, saving an estimated one million birds annually.  
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Nature is in crisis, but by signing up to Payroll Giving you could help us do more to save it. When you make a donation, you are helping to save rare species, restore habitats and speak up for nature at a time when it really needs us. 
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Every penny raised will help wildlife, restore wild habitats and hope for the natural world. 


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